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Professional Tips

Most people will react to a camera with a pose that adversely affects their look.

- With a positive approach, we provide concise, easily understood & accurate advice.

- Building knowledge, confidence and trust to put people at ease in front of the camera.

Effective communication & an individual approach to posing are our most appreciated skills.


Posing Tips . . .

Although we are all unique & comfortable with that, we appreciate a classic twist to our on camera look.

- Small adjustments to a pose often create dramatic improvements to how we are perceived.

- The best approach to refining an on camera look is unique to each individual.

- These concepts can often be communicated & implemented quickly, with dramatic results.

The knowledge base we share has been developed over 25+ years working with thousands of clients.


Professional Lighting

- Professional photographers with the knowledge & experience to supplement the natural lighting.

- Professional lighting systems to enhance shadow: color & detail for a more natural look.

- Our unique portrait lighting system has been optimized to sculpt your body; accentuate the eyes, skin tones & subtle details in the gown.


Photo Retouching . . .

- We take retouching to the next level, addressing: clothes, skin tones, tan lines, teeth whitening & stray hair.

- A level of service in contrast to most portrait studios which only offer the basic blur to disguise blemishes.

- All Images printed by Star-Light Studios will be professionally retouched & enhanced.

Star-Light Studios . . .

Creative, Innovative and Dynamic Photography.

Portraits to Reflect Your Style and Personality.

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