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Retouching Logic

Raw Image

- Every effort is made to create outstanding photographs which require as little retouching as possible.

- Understanding what can be easily addressed with retouching is often the key to a smooth & productive photo session.

~ Creating outstanding raw 2D images of 3D subjects with a clear and refined message can be complicated.

- There are a multitude of technological and perceptual variables to be considered in the creative stage of the process.

- State-of-the-art imaging system are unable to mimic the adaptive nature of human vision.

Professional Retouching

- Intervention by a skilled retoucher is frequently necessary to create realistic-looking images.

- Professional retouching involves removing elements, which are distracting and those that create false or negative impressions.

- Artwork may be required to achieve the desired photographic message or effect.

- Artwork to sculpt the face, neckline and body may be desirable for a more youthful look.

Achieving the Look

- A combination of retouching & art work is most often used to create the celebrity/model look we see in magazines.

- Artwork is used to address: clothing fit, skin tones, tan lines, teeth whitening and body slimming.

- This part of the creative process is key to creating portraits, which project desirable messages.

- We will identify those concerns, which should be dealt with during the photo session & those which are best left to the artist or retoucher.

- With this understanding, we are able to provide a more productive and relaxing photo session, minimizing unnecessary interruptions.

- All finished portraits at Star-Light Studios are professionally retouched with a high level of attention to details.

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Eye Wear & Braces

Glass Glare

- With our unique lighting system, glass glare is minimized. The small reflections, which remain are often only a minor portrait retouching concern.

- Lenses without anti-reflective or anti-fog coatings and those with stronger prescriptions, can create significant distortion of the eyes and surrounding area, along with uncontrollable glass glare.

- With our preview system, we can immediately identify these situations and explore portrait lighting options.

- There is always the option to preempt this situation, by obtaining a matching set of frames or have the lenses removed from the glasses.

- Clean glasses, treated with a non-glare and / or anti-fog coatings minimize reflections in the lenses.

- Transition or variable tint lenses, which automatically darken as light levels increase, are to be avoided.

Contact Lenses

- Avoid eye dryness & irritation, bring your contact lens eye drops to lubricate your eyes and rewet your lenses.

- Bring your lens case for a safe place to store them should you choose to remove them.


- When you feel "those braces just don't enhance your look" they can be digitally removed and your teeth can be whitened.

- The time involved to provide this level of artwork varies. Please ask for a quote.

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Cosmetic Concerns

Tattoos & Piercings

- Please let us know when a visible tattoo, or a piercing is something you would like to show in your retouched portraits.

Visible Scars

- This is a personal decision, these are often easy to conceal when retouching your portraits.

- Please let us know if you want them toned down or concealed when you place your order.

Moles & Beauty Marks

~ These are personal attributes, please let us know if you wish to have these retouched.

- These attributes may be toned down or concealed in the retouching process.

Facial Hair - Guys

- For a clean shaven look . . . a fresh shave is essential.

- Facial hair including: mustaches, goatees or beards, should be neatly trimmed.

Other Considerations

- In smaller photographic prints & on low resolution web display there are situations where tattoos, scars, beauty marks and moles should be concealed as they will not be recognizable.

- Headshots which are framed tight ( Profile Photos ) may need symmetry enhancements to match our visual perception.

- Perceptual distortion often occurs in low resolution web display photographs. These images are often reduced to less than 1% of the camera resolution.

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