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College Graduation

- We have generic cap and gowns in black or white, along with a wide selection of tassels and date charms.

- Bring your college: bachelors, masters, doctoral and PhD regalia including the academic gown, cap, doctoral tam and tassel.

- Accessories: honor stole, hood, honor cords, date charm, diplomas.

- Ornaments: those carried at your graduation as an indication of your educational status.

Graduation Attire

- We maintain an extensive collection of: caps, gowns, tassels, and date charms for traditional graduation portraits.

- These include a wide variety of sizes and colors to match those used in most Public and Private High Schools.

Girls . . .

- For the traditional cap and gown portraits, bring a white or off white blouse or tank top.

- What to wear under senior drape ? Strapless or straps that can be moved to the edge of the shoulder.

Guys . . .

- For a traditional look, it is best to bring a long sleeve dress shirt and a tie to wear under your graduation gown.

- Color coordinated or neutral tones for the dress shirt and tie.

- We have a limited selection of dress shirts and ties.

Graduation & Yearbook Photos


Traditional Graduation Photos

- At Star-Light Studios, we schedule the time necessary to offer a unique personalized service, tailored to your specific needs.

- The professional guidance and session time offered at Star-Light Studios, is not available through most contract school photography services.

- Creating images with clear and positive messages that are easily understood by others.

- Portraits presenting individuals as, friendly, healthy and open to building new relationships.


Drapes & Tuxedos

- High school senior yearbook pictures; girls most often wear a black drape and guys most often wear tuxedos.

- We provide drapes and tuxedos in a wide range of sizes for your traditional high school senior graduation portraits and yearbook pictures.

- Traditional mens bow ties and contemporary ties in a range of styles and colors are provided.

- Traditional senior portraits are often created to meet specific yearbook guidelines.

- Your high school senior yearbook portrait and college graduation portraits will become an icon beside your name, an image which will often represent you in the future.



Looking Ahead . . .

- Cameras are everywhere. With the evolution of our ability to capture, save and transmit photographs, our portraits will often create those important first impressions.

- Consequently, our graduate's public image, and to some extent their future, will be directly affected by these images.

- In today's world, we need to be concerned with impressions our portraits project, as they are likely to be published.

- We take the time to provide graduates with an understanding of a range of natural positions and expressions which work best for them on camera.

- Creating images, which project a friendly and engaging personality, are more important than ever.

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Yearbook ~ Graduation Photos

- Your high school senior yearbook pictures & college graduation portraits will often represent your: intelligence, personality & health.

- The best portraits represent us as friendly and youthful individuals, interested in, and open to, building new personal and business relationships.

- You never know which friendship or relationship will provide you the opportunity to do or achieve what you want most in life.

- You have the right to choose a professional photographer, and have a portrait created for the school yearbook; contrary to what school officials may say.

- Individuals or organization cannot obligate you through contracts they sign, or tell you where to spend your money.

- We can, and do provide senior/graduation portraits to meet yearbook guidelines.

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We provide graduation attire, drapes and tuxedos in a wide range of sizes for your

traditional college & high school senior graduation portraits & yearbook pictures.

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