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School Photography Services . . . Digital & Traditional Print Products.

On-Location Preview & Proofing Systems to Ensure Customer Satisfaction.


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School/Preschool Photo Services, Since 1989

- Custom photography systems/services organized & designed to be flexible, fault tolerant & stress free.  

- Flexible Portrait Packages: Parents select & identify images from previews to build custom packages. 

- Traditional Print/Product Packages and/or Digital Image Sets ... All images are professionally enhanced.  

- Group photos are merged for appropriate / best expressions & to avoid closed eyes.  

- Systems are designed to optimize the value & balance of photo services from both business & client perspectives.  

- Our custom portrait: lighting, photography & proofing systems; developed & refined over 25+ years.

PreSchool & School Portraits

- Custom portrait photography systems optimized to provide the highest level of customer services at reasonable prices. 

- Experienced, professional staff, custom lighting & background systems to accent the child’s personality.

- On-location previews for parents & teachers to identify concerns & ensure satisfaction. 

- Flexible packages, client image selection, choice of contemporary digital & traditional print products.

- A collaborative process with professional tips, advice and assistance to create outstanding portraits. 

- A personalized approach during & after the photo sessions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Outstanding Class Portraits

- Custom wide area lighting systems with hair lights to avoid harsh shadows. 

- Backgrounds to accommodate large groups & neutral tone floor coverings are provided as needed.

- A series of class photos are created, merged (combined), for best poses & expressions.  

- All images are reviewed, color & brightness corrected & retouched as necessary to enhance image quality.  

- Class photos require special attention. Everyone wants to look great in their class photo.

Individual School Portraits

- A series of portraits are created to capture a child's vibrant personality. 

- Normally 2 poses ( 3 variations per-pose) are created & provided as previews to maximize client satisfaction.

- Portrait previews are provided during the photo session to ensure expectations are met.

- We often collaborate with teachers for a better understanding of a child’s personality & character.

- Custom lighting systems to create natural 3D effects by avoid harsh highlights/shadows.


Portrait Sets & Backgrounds

- Simple backgrounds & props to create classic portraits which endure the test of time. 

- Soft/neutral color backgrounds to avoid: color clash/mismatch & color contamination in hair & skin tones.

- Backdrops which work well with light or dark outfits & provide consistency in photo collections. 

- Green Screens / digitally rendered backgrounds diminish the authenticity of photographs & photographic experience for students. 

- We use real background & props to create a real and memorable photographic images & experiences.

Viewing Stations - Previews - Orders

- Parents/children/teachers can view images following the photo sessions to ensure satisfaction.

- Our photographic systems are designed to easily accommodate the occasional reshoot or make-up photo.  

- Black & white laser printed previews are provided for a reference & parents / grand-parents unable to attend.

- Parents select & identify images from previews or viewing stations to build custom packages. 

- Flexible packages for both traditional print & contemporary digital portraits.

- Portrait selections & orders may be placed durning the photo session, by phone, mail or e-mai.

Flexible Packages

- Flexible packages may include multiple: poses, outfits & group photos.

- A variety of  poses & class/group photos may be used to build custom packages. 

- Flexible packages provide a discount for volume purchases.

- We use archival inks/papers, professional printers to optimize archival quality.

- Fair & affordable prices, high quality products, good value for dollars spent. 

- We make a sincere effort to provide reliable, friendly, high value services.


- Local means affordable prices, better customer service & quicker response times! 

- Support your local economy by utilizing locally owned businesses .

- Your tax dollars STAY in Maryland to help our communities.

Studio Access

- Our local studio provides options/opportunities for those unable to attend scheduled photo sessions.

- Long term clients/business relationships are like minded folks who appreciate excellent customer service.


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