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About the Photographers

- Patty Sawyer & Daniel Bottner, your full time Professional Portrait Photographers at Star-light Studios, since 1989.

- We are known for our friendly communication style, interactive portrait sessions, innovative world class imaging systems and consistently remarkable portraits.

- Patty Sawyer, a professional portrait photographer specializing in family portraits, children portrait photography and image enhancement.

- Daniel Bottner, a professional photographer specializing in headshots, business/publicity photography, high school senior portrait, portrait/technical lighting and engineering advanced imaging systems.

- Working together to provide you more variety and creativity in the products and services we offer.

Professional Services

- As professional photographers, we focus on understanding, respecting and accepting our customers individuality.

- Creating photographs which meet their personal, business & publicity needs.

- Crafting outstanding portraits require an in-depth understanding of what works on camera in combination . . .

. . . with . . .

considerations for an individual's style, personality, talents, comfort range and desired message.

Looking Forward . . .

- Customer feedback has been our guiding force in developing our photographic style, the products and services we provide.

- We continue to evolve our unique photographic lighting and imaging systems to meet or exceed our clients expectations.

- Innovation... the key to creating outstanding photographic products and services at reasonable prices.

We Are Different . . .

- While most professional photographers continue to imitate, we believe innovation is the only way to provide our customers with truly outstanding photographic images & experiences at affordable prices. 

- Frankly, we don't settle for anything less than excellence in every step of the process while creating your photographs.

In the Beginning

- Our initial goals were to provide a level of professional photographic products and services unparalleled in the business.

- In 1989, we became involved with Sony in the research and development of electronic imaging systems to meet our goals.

- Our focus . . . an understanding of an individuals needs, concerns and preferences.

- These instant imaging systems were adapted to provide effective client communication & derive an in-depth knowledge base.

- Advanced imaging systems provided for the development and testing of unique photographic equipment & lighting systems at an unprecedented pace.

- These systems included the forerunners of our advanced lighting; today's digital cameras and printers.

- We began 25+ years ago pushing state-of-the-art and continue to stretch our lead in system development as well as customer satisfaction; the keys to our success today.


Innovative Lighting

- Our lighting systems are unique and under continuous development.

- These systems are designed to deal with many common professional photographic & portrait lighting concerns.

- Revealing color, detail and that sparkle in your eyes, eliminating washed out highlights and harsh shadows on the face, as well as sculpting the body for a healthy look.

Package Pricing . . .

- Pricing is straight forward with a price break for volume.

- Our pricing reflects the time it takes to provide an exceptional level of service and product quality that most often exceeds our customer's expectations.

- We offer packages with the flexibility to meet your needs.

- We believe in treating our customer the way we would want to be treated, so . . . you will not receive any sales pressure from us.

Forms of Payment

- We accept: cash, checks, most major credit/debit cards including ... Master Card, Visa & American Express.

- Portraits are custom made items. A 60% deposit is required upon placement of orders with balance due upon delivery.

Service/Pricing . . .


- Each professional photographer has a unique imaging style.

- A professional photographer's style is based on their creative vision; their ability to create images is based upon those skills & experience.

- Relevant communication skills, tools and knowledge are accumulated, developed and refined over many years.

- The internet provides a great opportunity to compare local photographic service providers.

- Select a photographer who's creative imaging style will project your personality.

- Check with your friends or ask for a reference. If you have time, stop by and check us out.

Star-Light Studios . . .

Creative, Innovative and Dynamic Photography.

Portraits to Reflect Your Style and Personality.

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