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Professional image enhancement, artwork & restoration services to address your concerns.

Preserving the images, moments & memories you treasure, since 1989.

Photos/Documents . . .
... Image Copy, Restoration & Enhancement ...

- Family reunions & genealogy research often leads to discovery of faded & damaged treasured heirlooms.

- The opportunity to preserve or restore family documents & photographs fades with the passing of time.

- Now is the best time to have your images professionally digitized/copied as they will deteriorate.

- We offer a variety of options for delivery of finished images including digital & printed photographs.

- Concerns with physical location/possession of your images... we will copy originals while you wait.

- We offer copy, restoration, image enhancement & printing services at affordable prices.

Service/Process Preparation Info. . . .

- Bring your photograph to our home based studio; we will provide a free, no obligation quote.

- Copies or related photos; same person or event may provide missing image content.

- An image scanned & enlarged, provides insight into the photo/document condition & restoration options.

- Our imaging system provides opportunities to demonstrate enlargement, cropping & contrast/tone/color correction.

- This interactive process provides you the opportunity to share your concerns & preferences.

- We provide professional insight and free, no obligation restoration service estimates.

Restoration Concerns & Ideas . . .

- Is the original photo sharp enough to enlarge?

- How much of the damage is restorable?

- Can colors and contrast be revived or enhanced?

- Is color, black and white or sepia tone an option?

- Can other photos be used to substitute missing backgrounds, subjects & facial features?

- What portion of the image is retained or lost if you choose standard print crops/sizes over custom crops & prints sizes?

- Can distracting elements/additional subjects be removed to create an individual portrait or improve photo clarity?

Basic Restoration Options. . . .

- Restore to original content with minor contrast & color correction.

- Enhance: grainy, low contrast, stained, dark, sun damaged or faded photos.

- Repair photos with: scratched, cracked, molded, damaged or missing areas/pieces.

- Colorize ... sepia-tone or black-&-white photographs to a specific historic style or your specifications.

- Create individual portraits from group photos simplifying or replacing the backgrounds.

- Options include: photo enlargements, archival prints, paper or canvas.

Retouching/Artwork with Intent . . .

- Create a photo realistic illustration/portrait by isolating or highlighting an individual or subject.

- Correct/add texture/detail to image areas with deep shadows or extreme highlights on faces.

- Correct geometric distortion, color & color aberrations introduced in the photographic process.

- Add, remove or combine image content: people, objects, backgrounds, graphics, names or titles.

- Eliminate environmental distractions, simplify & refine the image to focus the viewer's attention.

- Blend photo reality with an artistic style, texture or brush stroke to create images with a hand painted appearance.

Complex Restoration . . . .

- We work with all types of damage: photos stuck together, stuck to glass, rolled, torn, folded, faded or stained.

- Rolled photos & documents handled correctly most often can be unrolled with minimal damage.

- Traditional & state-of-the-art technology provide a variety of options for image restoration, enhancement & repair.

- We carefully handle your original photos & documents from the time your images arrive to return/delivery.

- Providing professional photo, genealogy & ancestry image enhancement/restoration services, since 1989.

- Image restorations, preserve the cherished memories & historic value for future generations.

Print & Delivery . . . .

- We offer a variety of methods for delivery of finished images including digital & print based options.

- Archival Print Options . . .

- Modern print media combination, archival canvas, art papers & pigment ink combination are rated at…100+ years.

- Digital Delivery Options . . .

- Digital image files on CD’s, USB Flash Drives or E-Mail/network delivery methods.

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Picture/Photo Enhancement . . .

- Sometimes you cherish the memory of the moment; however, you are not so fond of the picture.

- Professional image editing; an option to eliminate distracting elements, while preserving the moments you treasure.

- Retouch or remove distracting elements and those which create false or negative impressions.

- Artwork may be required to achieve the desired photographic content/message.

- Sculpting the face, neckline & body may be desirable for a more youthful look.

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