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Welcome to Star-Light Studios

- A Photography Studio owned and operated by Patty Sawyer & Daniel Bottner, since 1989. Creating high quality senior portraits, which reflect your unique personality & individual style.

What to Expect . . .

- A relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where you can feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with a professional photographer.

- The freedom to express yourself in Senior Pictures which will represent your youth and personal style to: family, friends, and the next generation.

Unique Portrait Services

- With a personalized approach we create a comfortable environment for you to share your ideas and preferences.

- To offer this level of service, we have created a unique advanced photographic system which is optimized for real time communication.

- On-Location Studio Portraits and Environmental: Product, Portrait, Publicity and Event Photography.

- Great outdoor areas for environmental portraits and a variety of indoor senior photo sets.

- Professional Photographic: Retouching, Corrective Artwork, Restoration and Video Editing services.

Session Time . . .

- Each portrait session is unique, tailored to your needs, with time . . . time for a very personalized approach with professional advice; results which often exceed expectations.

- Time to: fix your hair, and change your outfits to create senior pics which reflect your unique personal style.

- Time to: review your high school senior pictures and discuss your preferences with a professional portrait photographer.

- Time to: get a professional photographers viewpoint and tips on how to look your best in your senior photos.

- A senior photo session where you become comfortable enough to be yourself and create images which reflect your individual style and vibrant personality.

Portrait Lighting . . .

- Our unique portrait lighting system has been optimized to sculpt your body; accentuate the eyes, skin tones, & facial features.


Photo Retouching . . .

- We take retouching to the next level, addressing: clothes, skin tones, tan lines, teeth whitening, & stray hair.

- A level of service in contrast most portrait studios which only offer the basic blur to disguise blemishes.

- All at no additional cost, as part of our professional portrait photography service.

Star-Light Studios . . .

Creative, Innovative and Dynamic Photography.

Portraits to Reflect Your Style and Personality.

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8375 Old Columbia Road, Laurel, MD. 20723

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Star-Light Studios, Senior Portraits to Reflect Your Personal Style.

Relaxed Sessions with time for a truly personalized approach tailored to your needs !

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