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 What to Bring .

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- Personal items, which represent,

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- Favorite clothes jewelry and

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- Consider a variety of

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- Drinks, snacks & a

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Traditional Attire . . .

Graduation, Drapes and Tuxedos . . .

- We provide these in a range of sizes for your traditional high school senior pictures.


Graduation Gowns, Caps & Tassels . . .

- We have a collection of these in a wide range of colors and sizes for traditional senior class cap & gown graduation photos.

- Girls ... A white or off white blouse or tank top looks good under the traditional cap and gown for a classic graduation picture.

- Guys ... A dress shirt, neutral tone, off white, or color coordinated with a matching tie looks great under the graduation gown.

Senior Portraits, Tips & Ideas . . .

- Outfits and accessories which make you look and feel your best, those which express your personal style, props to represent your activities and lifestyle.

Personal items . . . .

- Select personal items which define your individual style, talent, and current interests. Create a distinctive collection of senior portraits.

For a Slimmer Look . . .

- Outfits which will divide the body vertically. Clothes which have open neck lines, fit well through your midsection, and in the shoulders.

- It is often a good idea to avoid horizontal strips, heavy fabrics and turtle necks. Those styles are for the super thin with long necks.

Outfits . . .

- Casual outfits which you would wear every day.

- Shoes optional, barefoot is often a great look.

- Funky/Modeling, for fun edgy shots, or a sharp fashion look.

- Sports/Activity, uniforms which represent your personal interests.

- Formal attire you would wear to high school formal dances.

- Performing arts attire, outfits you would wear for an artistic performance.

- Clothing Hangers, Please . . . avoid fold lines & wrinkles.

Accessories . . .

- Jackets, sports, letterman, bomber, crop, leather, casual, etc.

- Blazers & Vests... casual, formal, denim, cotton, leather, etc.

- Shoes... casual, dress, sports. Girls... high heels are slimming.

- Jewelry... class rings, necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, etc.

- Hats... sports, casual, western, fashion, etc.

- Other... belts, sun glasses, cell phones, laptops, iPods, etc.

- Have fun with subtle outfit and accessories changes, create a look which reflects your unique personal style!

Family and Friends . . . .

- Friends attending your senior portrait session are a great source of moral support.

- Having them join in a few pictures is often part of the fun of your senior portrait experience.

Family Pets . . .

- Our pets have a special place in our family and in our lives.

- Bring their favorite toys and/or treats as a surprise or reward.

- Working together we will help focus your pet's attention, elicit their unique character and expressions for a variety of portraits.

Personal Requests . . .

- We're always open to our customers' personalized requests and we'd love to hear yours.

- We enjoy working with new looks; never afraid to experiment or try something new.

Personalize Your Senior Pictures . . .

- Items which represent your talents, interests, activities and lifestyle, those items which will help tell your story in a unique way.

- Sports Gear... jerseys, hats, balls, bats, sticks, skate & snow boards, inline & ice skates, shoes, golf clubs, helmets, snow & water skis, etc.

- Activity Gear... biking, martial arts, swimming, hiking, fishing, bowling, hunting, etc.

- Specialized Talent ... painting & drawing supplies, sculpture, cameras, artwork, etc.

- Personal Interest... motorcycles, cars, trucks, equestrian, games, fashion, favorite books, etc.

- Performing Arts... musical instruments, uniforms, pompoms, batons, dance shoes & dresses, equestrian equipment, etc.

- Awards & Recognition... trophies, ribbons, and other souvenirs received for personal achievements.

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Selecting personal items which define your individual style, talent & interests,

to create a distinctive collection senior portraits. Star-Light Studios.

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