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Scheduling Photo Sessions

Portrait/Photo Sessions

- Studio Portrait/Photo Sessions are by appointment only.

- Daytime, weekend and evening appointments are available.

- Call... 301 498-2524 to schedule your appointment today.


Indoor Portrait/Photo Sessions

- Studio conditions provide a controlled environment, under optimized lighting conditions, with our unique instant preview system.

- Portrait sessions often begin indoors, with close-up photos, the basis of all great portraits.

- On-Location/Environmental Portraits, often require portable professional backgrounds & lighting systems.


Outdoor Portrait/Photo Sessions

- Weather conditions can be a concern, although most often it's not significant .

- Outdoor portrait/photo sessions should be scheduled to allow 1 to 1.5 hours before sunset.

- Portraits: Once you have an understanding of what works for you on camera, a variety of outdoor portraits can be created in 30 to 45 minutes.


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Weather Conditions

Good ~ Bright, Sunny Days

- We have outdoor portrait areas where foliage provides canopies of shade throughout the day.

- Early morning or late evening creates the best opportunity for diffused light.

- Ideal natural light for outdoor portrait sessions on a sunny day occurs in two 45 minute windows: one just after sunrise and one just before sunset.

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Better ~ Cloudy, Overcast Days

- Clouds can provide both shade, and diffused light, which are great for outdoor & portrait photography.

- Overcast days enable us to work almost anywhere outside, any time of the day with some consideration for open sky.

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Best ~ Overcast, Drizzle, Rain Showers, Misty Rain

- These days provide your best opportunity for dynamic light, dramatic skies and vibrant foliage.

- Many of our outdoor areas have overhead canopies of trees to keep you dry through short showers and misty rains.

- When the weather looks questionable, it could be the perfect day for your outdoor photography sessions!

- Should the weather take a turn for the worse, we will complete the indoor portion of the session and reschedule the outdoor session.

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Re-Scheduling Photo Sessions

Portrait Sessions

- Should you live near, and do not expect significant concerns with your hair style, it's probably best to keep your appointment.

- Stormy days provide an awesome opportunity for dramatic outdoor portraits.

- In Maryland, it may be pouring rain when you arrive for your indoor/outdoor portrait session and an hour later when the indoor portion of the session is complete, the weather has changed completely.

- Although it may rain, we recommend bringing your outdoor outfits, as the weather will often clear enough to complete the outdoor portion of your portrait session.

- Outdoor sessions require 30 to 45 minutes, and are much easier to reschedule.

- Favorable weather conditions for outdoor portraits often deteriorate rapidly beyond the middle of October.

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Fall Foliage

Fall Colors

- Colorful Fall foliage is difficult to predict. We have great outdoor locations to capture all the Fall colors.

- Peak color in Fall foliage lasts for 4 to 5 days, with opportunities for colorful foliage in the last 2 weeks of October in Maryland.

- Capturing nature's best Fall color requires a plan with flexibility, so watch for your window of opportunity and we will do our best to accommodate.

Spring Colors

- Vibrant Spring foliage & colors are easy to predict. We have great outdoor locations for enviornmental portraits.

- Peak color in Spring foliage provides opportunities for colorful foliage occurs during April & May in Maryland.

- Capturing nature's best Spring colors requires a plan & we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

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Scheduling Indoor & outdoor sessions. Weather Conditions: Good - Bright, Sunny..,

Better - Cloudy, Overcast Days.., Best - Overcast, Rain Showers, Misty Rain.

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