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- Portraits to reflect the

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Welcome to Star-Light Studios

- A Photography Studio owned and operated by Patty & Daniel Bottner, since 1989.

- Creating high quality wedding portraits, which reflect your unique personality & individual style.

- Timeless wedding photography combining traditional and journalistic approaches.

- Capturing images that reflect your individuality and personal style.

What to Expect . . .

- Creative, attentive & experienced professional photographers with a personalized approach.

- Photographers with the ability to organize formal wedding portraits or fade into the background & capture events as they occur.

- Professionals with the ability to creatively capture expressions & details unique to your wedding day.

- Photographers with the knowledge & experience to quickly assist you & your guests in the art of posing.

- Experienced professionals with portrait skills to light, pose & capture formal portraits.


Personal Requests . . .

- We're always open to our customers' personal requests and we'd love to hear yours.

- We enjoy working with new ideas, creating images to complement & showcase your unique style.

- An interactive approach to wedding photography, with many opportunities to communicate your preferences.

- Capturing memories to be shared with family, friends & future generations.


Planning Sessions/Meetings

- Initial interviews & pre-event meetings provide opportunities to share your vision & preferences.

- It’s the little details which make your wedding unique & special.

- Perhaps it's the bling on your shoes, the red garter belt, or maybe the gardenia in your hair, it’s all important.

- With a personalized approach, we create a comfortable environment for you to share.


Photograph Styles . . .

- Efficient traditional photography techniques provide opportunities to capture classic images in a timely manner.

- Unobtrusive photojournalistic photography often yields priceless: expressions, emotions & candids.

A Combination of wedding photography styles provide the best of both worlds . . .

- Time to enjoy family and friends on your special day, & outstanding images to tell your story.


Professional Service . . .

- A blend of fashion-photography and photojournalistic techniques to tell the story of your special day in the most natural, artistic, and beautiful way.

- We capture images which celebrate and commemorate the most memorable moments and expressions of your life.

- Rest assured . . . you will be working with passionate, experienced professionals rather than part-time hobbyists.

Star-Light Studios . . .

Creative, Innovative and Dynamic Photography.

Portraits to Reflect Your Style and Personality.

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