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Professional Services . . .

- Star-Light Studios, professional photography services; providing outstanding product photography, since 1989.

- Product Photographs to enhance your brand, maximize impact & audience retention, in every presentation.

- Creating memorable impressions with high quality product photos, to maximize your efforts & marketing budget.

- Product photos and related text with consistent messages, visual and written, create trusted impressions.

- Studies indicate a 30% increase in response rates when promotional materials include a photograph.

Unique Approach . . .

- We're always open to our customers' personalized requests and we'd love to hear yours.

- We enjoy working with new concepts; always willing to experiment or try something new.

- Sharing a professional viewpoint derived from 25+ years of experience.

- We use customized advanced professional lighting systems to craft images with a unique edge.

- The most effective images are often the result of a collaborative effort, creating a focused visual impression.

Professional Imaging . . .

- Experienced professional photographers using custom imaging systems to control: color, perspective, local area & wide area contrast.

- An Important factor, as it will have a significant effect on the perception of your product quality.

- Perceived product quality is often ultimately dependent on how well the image renders in high & low resolution.

- High quality, low resolution, product photos dominate internet marketing sites today.

Visual Science . . .

- Our mind's ability to absorb photographic content, 60,000x faster than similar content represented in text.

- Human interaction: 83% sight, 11% hearing, 3% smell, 2% touch and 1% taste.

- Outstanding picture superiority, 72 hour recall test, Picture recall is 65% while oral recall is just 10%.

- Seeing is more about our minds interpretation of what we see with our eyes than what we are actually viewing.

- First impressions are created & confirmed in 2 to 4 seconds.

Professional Cameras . . .

- Professional Cameras are separated by unique & outstanding imaging capabilities . . .

- Their ability to capture an exceptionally wide range of color and luminance.

- The camera's ability to accurately render: color, texture and detail.

- The ability to mount high quality optics for outstanding: resolution, color & contrast.


Professional Optics . . .

- Professional optics are often necessary to limit perceptual distortion in product photos.

- Distortion often creates false, misleading, and negative impressions of product quality.

- Professional optics have an outstanding ability to capture details & limit chromatic aberrations, typically found in consumer level cameras & optics.

Professional Lighting Systems . . .

- Outstanding professional lighting systems to control, both local area & wide area contrast, in the product photos.

- High quality, color balanced lighting systems to render product colors accurately.

- A selection of professional continuous lighting & strobe lighting systems.

- A wide variety of professional lighting modifiers to optimize the quality of light for a given product.


Professional Retouching Services. . .

- All finished images will be provided with color and brightness corrections.

- Professional retouching & artwork, is often used to simplify & refine the image & enhance perceived product value.

- This enhances our perception of product quality; especially in the low resolution, highly compressed, product photos commonly used in advertising & marketing today.

Service Pricing . . .

- We understand that business & commercial photography projects vary in scope.

- We'll work with you to deliver finished images that meet your marketing needs & deadlines.

- Finished product photographs are provided with unlimited use & publication rights.

- Images for product announcements, advertising & marketing are a key component in your media package.

- Creation fees $ 75 to $ 125 per-hour depending on scope of work.

Created for . . .

- Business Cards, Press Releases, Web Sites, Internet, Brochures, Letterheads, Newsletters, Annual Reports & Thank-You Cards.

- Product Photographs for social networking, public relations, advertising and other marketing opportunities.

- Yes, it takes time to create images to compliment or replace text, however studies show it’s worth the extra effort.


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