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We set aside the time... time to understand your needs.

Enabling us to provide you personalized advice.

A creative approach for personal success.

Camera Shy to Confident in 15 Minutes

- Camera shy is normal, a result of too many images, which don't represent our individuality or unique personality in a positive light.

- It is only natural & appropriate to be shy & uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations.

- To overcome this, we must first gain: an understanding of our environment and the photographic process.

- The process must provide us the confidence in our ability to communicate what we wish to share on camera.


A Personalized Approach

- With a very personalized approach focused on your needs, we will set aside the time to share an understanding of the creative process.

- The poses and expressions that work best for an individual are often a very unique combination depending on facial features, body proportions and outfits.

- This is normally a 15 minute learning process, enabled by a unique instant imaging system and personalized professional advice.

- Our advanced imaging systems allow us to understand and quickly address client concerns.

- Building your knowledge base becomes a very rewarding process with instant previews.

- You acquire a knowledge base, which you will use often, for the rest of your life.

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A Unique System

- Using unique advanced imaging systems, we employ the latest technologies to bridge the communication gaps in the photographic process.

- This dramatically reduces the time necessary to find a natural pose, which conveys a message you are comfortable sharing.

- We have invested the time to create and refine unique portrait lighting systems with outstanding capabilities.

- This system enables us to create a more youthful look, alleviating harsh shadows and highlights on the face.

. . .

Concerns Addressed

Major concerns we have addressed, with our innovative lighting & imaging systems:

- Harsh shadows and extreme highlights on the face.

effect = Poor skin tones, a distorted perception
of the facial features.

- Generic dark eyes, no color, no sparkle.

effect = Photos that hide your expression,
individuality and vitality.

- Poor communication between subject & the photographer.

effect = Uncomfortable expressions and
portrait sessions.

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- Professional Retouching ->> Cosmetic Concerns ->>

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In the end . . . . . we are comfortable with our individuality.

We appreciate a classic twist to our look in portraits.

Portraits that present us as accepting, friendly &

open to building new relationships.

Star-Light Studios . . .

Creative, Innovative and Dynamic Photography.

Portraits to Reflect Your Style and Personality.

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We set aside the time… time to understand your needs - enabling us to provide

personalized professional tips - defining a creative process for success.

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