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Professional Photography Organizations . . .

- Active members in professional photography organizations including: Professional Photographers Organization of Greater Annapolis and Howard County Professional Photographers Group.

- Participating in local professional photography organizations provides a forum for sharing customer viewpoints, preferences, evolving photo trends and the latest styles.

- A resource for our clients requesting speciality photo services. Referrals to professional photographers who we know and trust. Those who have the background and expertise to meet your needs.

- In addition to consumer trends, we share our research and development efforts with the local community of professional portrait photographers. This is our contribution towards raising the general standard of photographic craftsmanship.

Awards & Recognition . . .

- Patty Sawyer and Daniel Bottner are award-winning photographers with over 25 years experience. While it's very easy to claim to be the " best " award winning photographer in the area, we will let our work speak for us.

- With the development of, and interest in, our innovative world class lighting and imaging systems, we enjoyed the international spotlight early in our careers. Although, we still serve international clients, we focus on providing an outstanding portrait service to local clientele.


Clientele . . .

- Our celebrity clientele include: actors and actresses from television and motion picture, models, olympic athletes, television personalities and their families.

- Commercial clients include: the full range from international corporations such as Sony to independent local businesses.

- Our photographs have graced the covers and pages of magazines, books, brochures, albums, web sites, and presidential reports.

- Currently, our photographs are published in national & international publications reaching millions in over 149 countries around the world.


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Active members in professional photography organizations. Patty Sawyer and

Daniel Bottner are award-winning photographers with over 25 years experience.

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